Baby Osteopath treatment and treatment of children

Baby treatment & treatment of children

Baby treatment

Birth is one of the most stressful events in our lives, not only for the mother, but even more so for the child. It’s a good idea to examine your baby, if the birth was too quick, in case of a malposition in the uterus, asymmetries in the skull or… just in case. Babies respond to treatments very quickly – you will not need a lot of visits to see the results.

We especially recomment to get your baby treated, if the Apgar Score at birh was low. Apgar Score is given upon the examination conducted by the midwife just after birth.

The aim of the osteopathic treatment of your baby is to release the tension in the little body and to remove any imbalances in the babys body. Gentle craniosacral techniques are used in the treatment. We recommend osteopathic treatment, if your baby

  • cries a lot
  • has sleep disturbances
  • gets frequent ear infections
  • has torticolis og asymmetry in the skull
  • has alleriges
  • has a tendency to move in an asymmetrical manner

We examine your baby and evaluate the tension in the little body.
We also offer treatment of your baby in the comfort of your own home.

Home visits are offered in the center of Copenhagen. Visits outside the center can be arranged – an additional distance charge may apply. Call us for more information. 

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