Soothes those sore muscles


Getting a massage is an excellent way to relax your tense muscles and to get more circulation going in your body. Do you have a desk job and feel stiff and sore in the end of the day?  Have you been doing a lot of sport and need those muscles to relax? Are you pregnant and starting to feel more tension in your body? Or do just you wish to pamper yorself?

Massage can be very benefitial if you

  • suffer from neck pains due to too much computer work
  • have tension headaches
  • experience backpain
  • have tension in your leg muscles
  • are pregnant

Our massage therapist will listen to your request and adjust the massage techniques accordingly.

We do have a special pillow for pregnant ladies – so that you can enjoy your massage lying on your stomach.

Massage will help you because it will

  • Relax your muscles
  • Reduce soreness in your muscles
  • Increase the circulation in your body
  • Increase removal of waist products from your muscles
  • Release your triggerpoints

Our massage therapist Mathias has a RAB certification. He also offers Thai-Yoga massage.

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