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Pontus Sandberg

Aut. Osteopath D. O.. from Stokholm, Sweden

Pontus is a member of Danish Osteopaths and DSPO Danish Society for Pediatric Osteopathy.

Pontus Sandberg

Special areas

  • Cranial osteopathy – treatment after a head trauma, headache and migraine
  • Osteopathy for babies
  • Osteopathy for neck and back pain, office-related problems (f.x. tennis elbow)
  • Women’s health – issues related to pregnancy, pelvic pain
  • Problems realated to stomach and digestion
  • Tension and pain related to stress


Write to Pontus:

Pontus is from Lund in Sweden, and for the last couple of years he has been working in Stockholm. As a therapist Pontus is very open minded, professional and thorough. Pontus loves music and in his spare time he likes to play guitar and piano, work out, travel and has just finished his first book.

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