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Nicolas Commeret

Aut. Osteopath D. O., DPO, educated in Lyon, France

Nicolas  has a diploma in Pediatric Osteopathy. Nicolas is a member of Danish Osteopaths.

Nicolas Commeret

Special areas

  • Behandling af hovedpine, migræne
  • Behandling af babyer
  • Kontorrelaterede genere og smerter relaterede til dårlig holdning
  • Stressrelaterede symptomer
  • Nakke, rygsmerter
  • Fordøjelsesproblemer


Write to Nicolas:

Nicolas is from France, and for the past years he has been working in Lyon (France) and Toronto (Canada). In his spare time Nicolas enjoys working out, running and spending time with his family. Nicolas is fluent in French and English. He is currently taking Danish lessons.

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